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Follow JeruVille on Twitter
Follow JeruVille on Twitter

We are JeruVille.

We are digital natives, citizens of this free world and we ask you – the media, the entire population – to join our fight.

Freedom of speech. Freedom of thought. Freedom to be, whoever you want to be.
In the internet. And in reality. Anywhere, anytime.

The borders between reality and internet have disappeared. Mediating this is our mission. Trying to control us and our freedom with conservative values or the antiquated means of national-real laws or censorship, is pointless and absurd.

The internet is a place, no tool. The keyboard more powerful than any weapon.

JeruVille is an art project, consisting of reality. Interactive. 24/7. The collective consciousness.

Follow us! Not for us, but for you. You too are JeruVille.
We know you, even if we have never met, never talked to you.
We know you, because we are all the same.
We exist without skin color, nationality and religion.
Maybe one of us can be stopped, but never all of us.

This is our world.
We are Jeruvilleans, and this is our manifest.

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