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rule number 1
– the conception and the first show has to happen on one or more shipping- or construction containers. (shipping, isolation, secret border-crossing, bureaucracy, apt, economics, transportation, globalization, hiding, mafia, concret, letter case etc.) For traveling a show, alternative solutions can be found. It is important though, to work with independent yet connected "rooms".

rule number 2
citydramaturgy – the containers have to be in such an order that they create a "city" so that the performance space is walkable. Actions are happening parallel, so that each audience member has an individual experience. Each audience member has the personal responsibility to decide what he or she wants to see.

rule number 3
Development of concept and scenes on local ground with local talents and local characteristics.

rule number 4
Content / themes „from the street“ – up-to-date, politically relevant, zeitgeist, close to life.

rule number 5
Generating text completely or partially via interviews in cooperation with author and dramaturg.

rule number 6
Cooperation with thematically relevant partners (social, business, science, cultural)

rule number 7
Place of action is a public space with open rehearsals, the process should become visible (via the net, open rehearsals etc.).

rule number 8
Actors/performers are their own subjects or in exchange with others through an authentic performance. [The texts will always be performed by those who did the interviews, meaning if actors should be involved, they would have to do the interviews or be present during the interviews in order to reenact / retell the other characters / subjects. The action has to visibly come from the person the audience is seeing.]




















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